We are a leading company in Argentina that is intended to provide cutting-edge, customised solutions in the field of Electrical Engineering.

We offer a wide range of services aimed at meeting our clients’ needs. They are based on the knowledge, excellence and experience of the professionals who make up our company.
With a broad presence nationwide, we are acknowledged as a reliable strategic business partner which facilitates successful compliance with the projects.
Our commitment is to perform our activity whilst operating in a zero damage environment, with a continued involvement, providing the best opportunities for our collaborators, clients and the communities where we develop our projects.
Our values, integrity and orientation towards excellence, drive our daily efforts aimed at developing energy for the world.

Our operational structure is made up by the following areas:

Our Certifications

Every process and activity developed by SINEC is framed within its Quality, Environment, Safety & Occupational Health Integrated System.

This system is certified in Argentina by IRAM according to management standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45.001:2018, ISO 14.001:2015, besides being acknowledged in more than 30 countries by the main certifying bodies gathered together at IQNET.

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Our Values


We are professionals

Because we are motivated by specialising in what we do. We are aware of our abilities and are willing to offer our competences to the company we have chosen, with the aim to continue growing and to deploy our knowledge and expertise.

We have team spirit

Because we understand that, even though we are different, SINEC challenges us with common goals towards whose achievement we work together, whilst building mutual trust. Just like a transformer station: by networking, we boost our individual energies.


We are committed

Because we are professionals are take pride in our way of doing things, we strive and focus on every single detail and on the quality of our work. We do care about leaving a mark in what we do.

We are empathic

Because we understand that every decision we make is likely to impact on other people, we have developed an ability to put ourselves in others’ place.
We anticipate consequences and search for the best way to get communicated, with the aim to achieve the best results in a respectful manner.


We are well aware of our decisions

Because we do know the challenge involved and understand what really matters, we act in a timely manner, with determination, assertiveness and reliability. We are always a step ahead; our highest priority is to take action and contribute sustainability to our organization.

History of the Company

More than 10 years creating the best engineering projects both in the country and abroad.


  • Creation of consulting area


  • Creation of consulting area


  • Opening of San Juan Branch Office
  • Awarding of framework contracts at YPF oil fields for electrical services


  • Thermal Power Station in Pilar District
  • Beginning of the Bauchaceta Transformer Station Project with its inspection. This later became the first comprehensive contract involving all areas.


  • Start of works at Vientos Los Hércules Transformer Station


  • Opening of Mendoza Branch Office